The company Komponent-M was founded in the Moscow region in 2005. The original kind of activity was aimed at wholesale trade of automobile supplies and products. Since the main western part of Russian market consists of European and Asian automobile producers, aiming at expanding the range of nomenclature was exactly in this sphere of auto parts. From 2006 all connections with the potential clients was covered by 32 employees and warehouses of 1000 square meters in total. The general amount of active clients in 2011 was 1100. Within them there were wholesale companies, retail companies, manufactories etc. Having done a great work the company AutocomponentM has the dealer’s and official distributor’s statuses.

History of a company


Dealership with TRW — parts for brake systems, steering and suspension parts, spare parts and equipment for maintenance of commercial vehicles. WAHLER, SWF, SOMBOR , production company HELLA

Partnership with AUTLOG — auto parts, products in the field of suspension, motor and sensors. Dealership with Carrillo, Mishimoto, Cometic, Airtex. Dealership with company that sales accumulator batteries Ecostart.

Representation of brand Master-Sport – wide range of spare parts for European, Russian and Ukranian manufacturing. ZMZ, CJSC EDELVEYS, CJSC Bazalt, OJSC “Zavod Krasnaya Etna”

The official status of distributor of companies: LGR, ADRIAUTO, ADL, AJUSA, ALKAR, SIENCA, RUVILLE. Dealership with brand WESTA – the plant that produces accumulator batteries.

Partnership with the company MEYLE – production of high-quality spare parts for cars, small trucks, and commercial venicles. Official representation of such brands like OPTIMAL, MITSUBOSHI, MAPCOMAHLE, CLIMAIR.

Collaboration with the EPS producers — Sensors, thermostats, switches and ignition components, Facet range of products is one of the most extensive in the market and includes more than 4500 references for all European, Japanese and Korean brands. AKB Absolut, Fenno, Gkn< Intermotor and others